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i keep getting a black screen


this problem keeps occuring, i'll find a fix


for some reason, it doesn't occur for most people

it also does it for meh


this game is impossible but fun

i wouldn't say impossible, just hard

you should add health pickups

sure i might

i did some of that before but i removed it

oh yeah why do robots attack me right when i start game

for the jumpscares


that is really funny

game is really fun but my ears aah

lmao thanks for the feedback

yes, i am working on a volume slider

why so speed

because speed


this game deserves an "a"



a as in what



it's just a black screen when you click play

(im playing on chromebook)


ohh i dont know whats wrong but many chromebook users have this problem


go to chrome://version/ and tell me what your version is, thanks, because i suspect its a chrome version problem


I'm actually addicted to this game, what have you done to me 


lmao i made you addicted thats all


he has done magic