In MALFUNCTION, your job is to defeat the robots and escape the robots to get to a door at the end of each level.



  • Humanoid robot
    • Humanoid robot has a pistol, can move anywhere except for moving off ledges and onto lava. They move at a medium speed. They shoot at a medium speed at you at only one axis.
  • Robot arm
    • Robot arms are enemies found at the end of each level. They can shoot very fast, and they rotate towards you at only one axis. They have 1000 health each and to pass a level, you must defeat it. Cannot move anywhere.
  • Drone
    • Drones are enemies found after the first level that fly around, over lava and off ledges to shoot at you at every single axis. They shoot slowly and are killable with one shot of a gun.


  • Rifle
    • The rifle shoots fast, but it is weakest of all.
  • Pistol
    • The pistol shoots at a medium speed, and enemies have faster pistols. They deal the same damage as the rifle.
  • Revolver
    • The revolver shoots at a slow speed, but it does more damage than the pistol and  rifle.
  • Sniper rifle
    • The sniper rifle shoots at a slow speed, but does lots of damage.
  • Arm cannon
    • The arm cannon is used by the robot arm boss, and shoots fast. It is unobtainable by the player
  • Drone laser
    • The drone laser shoots slow but rotates itself at any target. It is unobtainable by the player.


  • WASD to move front, left, back, and right.
  • Space to jump.
  • Esc to pause.
  • Right click to scope.
  • Scroll and 123 keys to switch weapon.

V0.0.2 changes and additions

  • Added robot arm boss and door system for passing levels.
  • Added second level.
  • Added drone enemy.
  • Fixed minor bugs on pause menu and scope.
  • Looked through previous suggestions and did some.
    • Recoil.
    • Bugs that were found.
    • Just so the people don't get mad, let me make this clear: the wall run cam tilt suggestion was not done because I wanted it to be more of a climb than wall run.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags3D, First-Person, first-person-shooter, FPS, Robots, Sci-fi, Unity


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i keep getting a black screen


this problem keeps occuring, i'll find a fix


for some reason, it doesn't occur for most people

it also does it for meh


this game is impossible but fun

i wouldn't say impossible, just hard

you should add health pickups

sure i might

i did some of that before but i removed it

oh yeah why do robots attack me right when i start game

for the jumpscares


that is really funny

game is really fun but my ears aah

lmao thanks for the feedback

yes, i am working on a volume slider

why so speed

because speed


this game deserves an "a"



a as in what



it's just a black screen when you click play

(im playing on chromebook)


ohh i dont know whats wrong but many chromebook users have this problem


go to chrome://version/ and tell me what your version is, thanks, because i suspect its a chrome version problem


I'm actually addicted to this game, what have you done to me 


lmao i made you addicted thats all


he has done magic