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the sensitivity was insane 

- good game

I'm making an fps game too. and i probably learned something from this game. but i just don't get how to implement actual fun in my game.


that's cool and i respect your idea for an fps game

anyways, my advice is to check out other fps games, and see what's so fun about those. i see that you're going around itch right now, which is good, but you should also check out some larger fps games

Thanks! that's a good advice, like playing games and experiencing them and finding out why those games feel good to play. 

(sorry that I'm replying so late)

You should add a gun that looks like a GameBoy. If you ever release an April Fool's DLC for this game or something, please add a GameBoy.

You will have to shoot cartridges out of the gameboy, use the D Pad and A and B buttons to shoot, and it will be like a double barrel shotgun except it's single barreled, has no barrel, and everything gets discarded through the muzzle.

you sent the same suggestion in karlson lmao

So what about it? I don't care!

the game is so good for free but, but is have just one map and one game mood if you have much time can you make cobat mood or an uthr mood dna if u can make the ferth gun snapr sengl 1 shot thank you an the playr is so fast but the is okay thank you👍

check out the newer version

it says it at the top of the page

yo this is like the beta version of karlsonit looks same as it 

first, this is old

second, it isn't based off of karlson. if anything, it's based off of 

i can't play in a x32 windows 10 and its really hard to update to x64 (for me it is rigth now) please fix it 

on the next version, i'll include an x32 build, thanks for letting me know

can you fix the mac version? whenever I try to play it on mac it just crashes

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on my mac, it's fine, so its probably something on your end

good game, sensitivity was hard to control


yeah its nice


big respect

lmao ok


I respect that idea


A Good Game, need some more polishing but it's really good

any suggestions for the "polishing" that u said?

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Camera Tilt When Wall Run And Weapon Sway And Recoil (It's Pretty Easy To Do)

ill work on these thanks. its appreciated.



I decided that the wall run will be the same thing as climbing, a game mechanic im going to add so im not going to have the tilt


Honestly the game was plain annoying to play, i understand that it is still under development so here are a few things you can try to fix:

  • You can change weapons with the scope activated
  • The shooting sounds are deafening when walking near a crowd of enemies
  • Hit detection is raycast while the bullets are too slow (the enemies die ages before the bullet gets to them)

Secondary things:

  • Some variety in weapons
  • A bit better ai that cant see you through walls
  • Pause menu is a bit bugged

Thats all, I hope you understand that im not trying to hate, just giving you feedback to improve the game. Dont get discouraged and keep on coding!


thanks for the feedback, im going to work on fixing these issues to make the player have a good experience.

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u said that the pause menu is bugged. how is it bugged specifically?

oh nvm is it that u can pause the game when scoped in?


The best game I've ever played!

thanks man

did he even play?


yeah he told me he did